Valhalla Lights Album is out

2017-01-06 09:37:09 by Delfos

If you liked the band of the music video I made you can buy their latest album here:

Hammer The Witch! New Animation

2016-06-19 21:13:46 by Delfos

Hi everybody!
I am very pleased to announce that my last animation is now online! Is a video clip for a kick-ass band called Valhalla Lights, and their song "Hammer The Witch"
Valhalla Lights - Hammer The Witch

I'll make a post in the animation forum to share some development screens, videos, and I really want to make some tutorials, so I am open to suggestions about what shots do you want me to explain. There are some cool rigging tricks using DUIK that I am sure will be handy.
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Special thanks to all the band who've been super supportive and gave me a lot of creative freedom, and to EleKlap that helped me doing some illustrations and animation. Without her I would have ended completely insane :)

I paste the band's release post:

‪#‎HammerTheWitch‬ is finally here!

Byron Bay heavy rockers release their sixth installment from their brand new album 'My Gracious Highway'..

'A heavy and melodic tale set to the dark and primitive history of religion and the famous 'Crusades' and the infamous book 'Malleus Maleficarum'.

How its menacing purge, demonstrated such dogmatic and callous belief in misanthropic murder that humans were practically hypnotized into violence and blindly controlled by fear..

A fear that not only has the power to lead people astray but also resonates with contemporary man and the mass media mayhem that tries to oppress us all..'

Enjoy this one rockers ⚡️ ⚡️

Special thanx to Matias @

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Termonster at Melbourne

2014-06-22 23:48:47 by Delfos

Hey everybody!
If you are at Melbourne this week you should go to the Melbourne International Animation Festival. This wednesday my short Termonster is going to be screened, along with many other great south american shorts at the SouthAmerican Showcase #3.
So, if you happen to pass by, please tell me how it was!

Here's the festival's web site: