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Toll of the Lost 1 Toll of the Lost 1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

That was really cool!!

I have to say, and I've seen that you have recognised this in other review, that the animation it's the episode's weakest point, and I would probably also say that the character designs could use some work. There are some moments that are very well done, considering all.
Regardless of that, I found it really engaging and fun to watch. Like others said, music, voices and script are all great, and I think the animation is good enough to not bring it down.
I wouldn't do the next episodes too much longer than what it is already without improving animation or design on some way, as it could make it tedious. Is much better to have an audience committed to shorter episodes than losing their attention with longer ones.
Also is a good idea to shorten the intro in the next episodes. Tales of Alethrion has a really long intro and I founded it very annoying.

In all, there are professional products that are not as entertaining as this is, so you are doing great!

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Xiphon responds:

Believe it or not, there's actually a 2 minute version of that opening that I want to release independently on its own, but the episode versions do need to be shorter. This one was 1:30ish, in the future we have a version that's something around 45 seconds.

As far as episode length, it's definitely a balancing act. I think this episode was actually a little too short, after reading reviews and analyzing where this leaves the audience and myself as far as questions that have gone unanswered. Things I intended to be mysteries for people to theorize on that I could later answer, to a few people feel like plotholes. I'm sort of left in a position where there's story aspects I'd love to discuss but it'll be hard in the future to do so while still moving forward with the rest of the plot, and I think that may be an argument for this episode needing to have maybe 10% more focus on the world building, rather than a very strict 'pointA to pointB' rush to the result. If things DO get longer, it won't be by much, I'd say maybe to a max of 12-15 minutes (not counting credits, etc) just to give it some breathing room.

All that said, I ought to do a vlog on all this cause I find the science behind the writing process fascinating. The amount of trial and error in this series is really interesting.

Intern Robot Doctor Intern Robot Doctor

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Yeeeeaaah, why not?
Really liked everything from it, although I have to say the thumbnail kinda ruins the off-screen shot where the blood spills over the family picture. I would definitely change that thumbnail as I've noticed that people is really likely to stop watching a video if they know what's about to happen (even if they really don't know the punchline... kids these days).

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jessejayjones responds:

Fair point! Already made the change. Thanks man! :)

Transit Transit

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It's awesome man, that;s a lot of work! Only 4 stars because it`s not finished and polished, but great job anyway!!!!

Did you used some video footage or 3D elements for reference?

CodeCrunch responds:

I may polish it more if I win the round (fingers crossed) and no, no reference or 3d, I've just done a lot of perspective/construction exercises in the past

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Gem Collector Gem Collector

Rated 1 / 5 stars

While the idea is interesting, it could use more developing. At first is very confusing about what to do or why am I losing. But understanding the objective doesn't really improve the gameplay. The music is too repetitive, the sounds don't add anything and neither does the art. The changes in the color of the gem you have to click passes by without notice, and I couldn't really spot how much gems I needed to get to keep playing, or if clicking in the wrong ones gave me some kind of penalty.
There were times when clicking in a gem that was going over another one destroyed the one below.
I got to stage 5 or 6 I think.

Anyway, good luck, hope you improve it

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dfactory responds:

Thanks for your feedback. A new version with the problem you mentioned fixed was uploaded. Also, I put an audio feedback to know when a gem of an unwanted color was clicked.

Snake++ Snake++

Rated 0 / 5 stars

It appears to be an interesting game idea, but the controls are confusing, to say the least. The graphics don't really suit the type of game, but in any case definitly needs improvement.
The bunnies seem to run before they should, and they usually run right to me, so theres no way I can avoid be seen. Perhaps putting an awareness meter over the bunny could improve that reading, I dont know. The birds don't look like enemies, and while don't have an established pattern for attack it makes them really difficult to avoid.
The play area seems rather small too, like the snake is too big.
You should definitly try to improve the controls. It's a cool idea (that about drawing circles and stuff) but right now it's annoying ando doesn't really add to the game.

Good luck!

PyroflameGames responds:

I'd like to say I agree with you 100%. And well, thanks for the review comrade.

Y Not Xombies Y Not Xombies

Rated 2 / 5 stars

As you said, it looks like is still in development. It gets kind of hard to survive to the simultaneous waves of zombies from both sides of the room, but if you manage to herd them it becomes too easy, especially since the zombies can occupy the same space. The guns should have their statistics or something, since I dont know what I'm buying (I can only assume that expensive=better). Also, there isn't an apparent need to use any other gun than the most fast/powerfull, meaning with this that there's no downside to the advance weapons that would make me wnat to choose any of the older guns (specially since the ever increasing amount of zombies requieres more and more powerfull weapons).
It would be nice if you had more space to walk, hide, play a little strategy and not be immediatly crushed by a horde of zombies.

Apart from that, I didn't find any bugs, so that's nice. You have the base game, now you can improve over that.

Good Luck!

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Wandering Merchant Wandering Merchant

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Beautiful illustration! I love the bold use of the circle with a flat bright orange in contraposition with the greenish gray character. I feel like the character might be missing some detail or note of color to pull it off the background, but the value construction is very strong so it's not like is failing or anything.
And the character design is also very cool .

Lascivia Lascivia

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Awesome pixels man. I feel, maybe, that the legs are too symmetrical, and they create this "diamond" shape that might not be helping in conveying perspective. It's not a bad thing on its own, but I don't feel like is in the same vein as the rest of the piece. Like it feels a bit more abstract, or maybe bidimensional, while the rest has more volume.
Also, the vertical line of the square goes right through the middle of this diamond shape, and that is also making it more static.

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Fitting In Fitting In

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good thing he dropped that bottle.

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